by Illigio

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This a direct follow up of my previously released EP called "Intermural"
To enjoy the experience thoroughly, please refer back to it and listen to "II" immediately after it, Thank you.
All songs performed and recorded in the cut.
All songs produced by Daniel Zacharias (Illigio)
with the exception of track 7 produced by Oatmeals
and pad production by Oatmeals on the track "Open Window"
Album recorded Very late 2013-2016 (lol I know)
I hope you enjoy my first big solo release and inspire you to do some shit.
Thank you all,



released February 8, 2016

To all the people who inspired me while making this album.
To all the situations and the feelings I felt while making this album.
To the laptop that survived long enough for this shit to come out.
To myself
To the future

Thank you for listening.



all rights reserved


Illigio Chula Vista, California



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Track Name: II
Track Name: For When Ur Alone
I just want to be there,
when you're alone.
Track Name: Open Window
First verse:

Without a doubt I think it's better just to let the shit go
Finding myself in darker places and I can't keep tempo
With all these songs you'd think that I'd be hopping out the limo
Instead I'm out jumping around eating stolen skittles
and I'll be,
Digging myself another hole for college
and I'll be,
around these girls that just got too much mileage
and I guess,
That I can just sit here in total silence,
eating my feelings with no deal and it feels so timeless
and I'm just


Throwing my feelings out the open window
and I'm just
Throwing my feelings out the open window
and I'm at
The point where I just want to feel the wind blow
and I might
ask for forgiveness before I let this hinge go
Cause I might just go and jump out of this open window
I might just go and jump out of this open window
Throwing my feelings out the open window
and I'm just
Throwing my feelings out the open window

Verse II:

And as I see you stand there in your disbelief
I can't help but to pull harder on my withered sheets
Around my neck so my cape doesn't fall off
How can I be afraid of heights and still jump off?
I guess that's another question for another day
and I really wish I spent more time with you on Mother's Day

Nothing compares to the jealous rage
and hopefully one day you forgive me for all the pain.


Pent up anger and frustration
On the daily my relations and my feelings are regarded
Just another tribulation
You're a god earned complication
Not to mention that your patience bottled up in jars of mason
And I loved you but you hate it.

Part II titled: Another friend

I wanted it to be real but I guess it's all the same,
Because of that you can miss me with that wedding ring,
But I probably brush it off and try again,
Another lady doesn't phase me just another friend. x2
Track Name: Isle II
Track Name: White Rabbit ft. ghavin
My verse:

And I'm too nervous to say hi
Every time I go outside I just stare at you and walk on by
Not knowing how much you really mean
and how much courage, it's taking me to wave hi
I wave by to my chances of
Ever romancing with a
Pretty girl at random
If it were to happen I probably get nervous laughing aaand
Take it all for granted
That's usually what I do

I know I have a habit of making up fantasies but,
If we got to know each other better
I think that we could keep each other warm in this cold cold weather,
as cheesy as it sounds I'm just lonely and let down.
Track Name: Truuussss
She keeps changing with the seasons
I'm complaining to the reason
I'm just saying that I miss you

I can't recall the last kiss
and your life style doesn't fit
awwww who am I kidding, it fits you.

Like I said I just miss you and I've been going through shit too
and she asks "who was the last girl you been with"?
and my reply was "you"
and she said "don't lie tell the truth"
So I said "some random girl you wouldn't know her"

But other than that just you
and I swear to god that's the truth
and she asked "Are you drunk"?
No nostalgic.

I miss the things you used to do for me
and now I'm assed out don't you see
the fool in me won't let my pride be

"Are you stuck in your head again'?

No reply.

She asked "Are you stuck in your head again"?

I kept quiet.

"Are you stuck in your head again"?

Now it's been some time.

"Are you stuck in your head again"?

yea, I am.
Track Name: Gur ft. ghavin
My verse:

I think I had patience for something I never wanted
Seeing the sarcasm in what I do is ironic
Never seeing hand shakes good grace or even thankfulness
Cause all you people are really convinced that I don't do shit
and It's fucking frustrating.

And on the daily I've trying to pull myself together,
well that's every Sunday regardless of the weather
Treasure I sought out to siphon
slicing kits and playing synthesizer riffs
Mouthing bitter nothings from my silent chapped lips

And all you simpletons could careless
Unless I'm doing big things or wearing fucking hair net
At a job I never wanted in the first place
Never getting any credit is the worst case.

So in conclusion,
No one would give a fuck if I died today
On this lonely Sunday.